“As a busy professional, I don’t claim to have the expertise to update my home. Nor do I have the time or sources. But, my home is important to me, so I like to keep it current.

Greta has incredible sources using the design centers nationwide. They are not available to the average consumer, so I will never see the goods there in another person’s home. And, with my particular color needs, the design centers’ variety provided exactly the color to match existing fabrics I had.

I was delighted that Greta could design and produce a custom bedspread, even including the weight of poly-fill that met my and my husband’s sleeping temperatures. I’d never find that flexibility in retail stores. The bedspread is beautiful, allows me to phase out my headboard gradually in a few years, and gives our bedroom a charm that we enjoy.

Now I am looking to get a dust ruffle and replace the headboard. I have enjoyed the service, creativity, and flexibility Greta has provided in her services. I’m so pleased that I have referred others to her, and suggest you talk with her about your particular needs.”

Susan Carr Gossman, Alexandria, Virginia

“Enclosed are three pictures of the bedroom in the “after” stage so you can see that it looks like. It has certainly changed the feeling in the room and I’m very pleased.

I’d especially like to thank you for your professionalism and talent in selecting the colors, textures and style that reflect my tastes.

I’d especially like to thank you for your professionalism and talent in selecting the colors, textures and style that reflect my tastes. I couldn’t have figured it out myself! I’ll be pleased to recommend you to others.”

Karen Clark, Phoenix, Arizona

“Our house is a small cottage type home, and we were confused about window treatments when we updated and added on. We called Greta in for suggestions, and she was right about her suggestions. The shutters are in scale with the home, the windows, and our lifestyle. Her sensitivity to our taste, brilliant approach to coordinating colors, and thoughtful attention to our budget combined to create a job with which we are delightedly pleased.

Greta was determined to find the best solution to our challenge, and her service was stellar. I’d never worked with a professional designer and found it a great option. We’d never have gotten the results we got with Greta if we had tackled the project ourselves.”

Susan and Ken Pepper, Arlington, Virginia

“I just wanted to re-arrange the furniture I had, because I knew a better arrangement would improve my family room. But for the life of me, I could not figure out what to do. Greta came in , and in three hours, transformed the room into what it should have been. She re-hung art, plantscaped, arranged my shelves and more. I could not believe my family room resembled a model home when done! Call Greta. She can do anything.”

Gus Montieth, Scottsdale, Arizona

“When one is “gifted” with family furniture that carries memories and emotions, it is sometimes very difficult to develop a clear vision of what a home of the 90’s should be (or more importantly, could be). The sheer inertia of having these pieces that are functional, although somewhat ‘not just right for me or my house’ was a major hurdle for me to overcome.

I am very grateful to you for your wonderful services in helping me jump that hurdle. Your sense of what worked and what did not really allowed me to clarify what needed to be done. Just as importantly, you provided me with a plan to do it. When we were visiting various showrooms and galleries, you were able to lead me through the mazes of commerce and zero in on the right concepts and pieces. I am grateful!”

Steve H. Mahood, Alexandria, Virginia

“I live in a bungalow-style house in the historic part of Memphis. So, maximizing light, using a long rectangular living room, and squeezing every bit of function out of my space was important. My living room, for example, was rarely used. The border rug was outdated, and I wanted to make the room more inviting. Greta provided a furniture plan to ‘create’ a foyer area in this room, use my existing furniture, and make the room more useful. I have invested in a replacement area rug, and am enjoying my ‘new’ living room. I gave Greta the scope of work and let her run with it. She did a great job and matched my taste perfectly. I’d suggest anyone who would like can contact me for a reference.”

Ruth Lentz, Memphis, Tennessee

The design was great -- she was right on. But another unexpected pleasure was her efficiency. Even when I was in Europe on business, we communicated and the project kept on rolling.

“I’m busy and don’t profess to be a decorator. Yet, I want my townhouse in Washington’s Georgetown to be a place of comfort and beauty. Greta came in and with vision and efficiency, executed window treatment ideas (which I purchased), suggested the paint colors, bannister design, and area rugs (which I also purchased). These items were custom, tailor-made for my home.

The design was great -- she was right on. But another unexpected pleasure was her efficiency. Even when I was in Europe on business, we communicated and the project kept on rolling. She met my bottom-line style with her own, and we lost no time in our progress. I am referring her to my colleagues who want a great value -- and a very pleasant experience!”

Kyle Johnson, Esq., Washington, DC

Greta and I worked on my new living room, which was ordinary and traditional, from June 2004 to February 2005. I had neglected it for 20 years, while I raised my kids. When the time came to splurge on a room for me, I knew I wanted it to be this room.

Greta’s national experience with a broad base of clients from east coast to west brought a wealth of fresh ideas to a project that required integration of traditional and soft contemporary. And I, having lived in the Bay Area, appreciated the more Asian, contemporary elements.

We used soft buttery colors, chenille fabrics, muted paint tones and black accents to create a sophisticated look. Bringing out the sentimental accessories that needed a showcase was important to me, and I was delighted Greta would make this a priority.

Its true that Greta’s style is my style “at its best.” I needed a partner who was professional and efficient to help me achieve the design goals that I could not envision. Please come by and see my beautiful new living room whenever you can!

Francie Thompson, Winston-Salem, NC

After my partner and I bought and started settling into our first house, we wanted to tackle the master bedroom first – with a 'do-it-yourself' spirit and a slim budget. Greta was able to stay well within our budget while suggesting exactly which bedroom features we could splurge on and which we could keep low-cost by working on ourselves.

Greta helped us to coordinate a color scheme for a cool, soothing, but invigorating bedroom that managed to include brightly painted artwork we had previously collected. We painted the walls a pastel green, then refinished our floors and painted them and the trim a dark avocado. Then, Greta fitted us with a custom bedspread, dust ruffle, and pillow set combination that tied perfectly into our light/dark green palette while pulling in a rainbow of bright colors. With Greta's knowledgeable help, we were easily able to integrate our paintjob with the colorful artwork we had collected before buying our house.

Jen Hirt, Austin, TX

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