(Interior) Designing A Corporate Identity - 07/2000
From Scottsdale Airpark News

This article is based on the lobby design for Southwest Jet Aviation in Scottsdale, Arizona. It addresses the importance of a company’s image — inside and out — being consistent. The corporate jet company sells and leases corporate jets, so its image had to communicate its motto, “Platinum Service.” Read on to learn more about the interview process Greta Gray uses to achieve objectives in design, and more.

Furniture That Fits Has Flair - 07/19/2000
From The Arizona Republic

Choosing a home? Want to keep your existing furniture? Consider a home where your furniture fits, proportionate to the space. The article offers the tips:

  • Add plants to the side of a desk , console table or chest to make it appear larger.
  • Consider two 7’0 sofas or a 7’0” sofa and a loveseat placed together in an “L” instead of committing to buying a sectional. A table between the two at the intersection will maximize the use of that space.

When setting a new color palette:

  • Re-mat art with a different color matting that’s tied into the color scheme.
  • Go with a solid sofa and brighten it with patterned pillows. You can always replace the pillows.

Use flexible furnishings:

  • Benches offer versatility, and if tufted can serve as a table or footrest
  • Tufted ottomans offer flexibility as coffee tables or seating
  • Columns can be a table base or plant stands

Staging A House To Make A Better First Impression -- And A Quicker Sale - 02/22/1997
From The Washington Post

Staging a house correctly can make a quicker sale. Greta Gray was cited for her sensitivity to the seller’s position with the realtor. The realtor often asks for “compromises” from the seller. Greta Gray suggests that the designer staging the home can get the realtor out of the “hot seat.” The article offers many suggestions for staging a home effectively.

A Jewish Hospice Helps Ease the Way - 02/03/2005

This article concentrates on the first Jewish hospice in New York City, designed by Greta Gray of Gray & Associates Interior Design. The facility does not have that institutional look. This is critical for the philosophy and physical plant of this special place.

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