Features homes from Virginia to Arizona, where residents had unique challenges. Read about each situation in this section. You'll see some signature approaches to make windows appear larger, maximize and reflect light, and blend a variety of styles. One common tenet among Gray & Associates Interior Design, Inc. clients is a desire to incorporate existing furnishings and accessories. We honor this to the best of our ability. Each picture in this section tells a story. Begin your journey now. Later, be sure to visit the Publicity Section where The Arizona Republic features Gray & Associates for residential design.

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Health Care
Includes a retirement community and a first-of-its-kind hospice with ultimate sensitivity. In this section, learn more about designing for the disabled, and their families. Greta's goal in these projects was to avoid an institutional look, yet maximize safety, comfort, and flexibility with soothing design. You'll see how that is achieved with "before and after" pictures, and explanations of each project. Be sure to visit the Publicity Section for more information on the hospice project featured in Jewish Week Newspaper.

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Presents a high-end corporate jet sales company's lobby project, where theoretical and physical image merge. The opportunity to represent a company's image in a beautiful lobby setting is a great chance to maximize a marketing edge. This project does exactly that. "Platinum Service" is not only the corporate motto -- it's the look the lobby portrays. Be sure to visit the Publicity Section for more information on this transformation in the article "(Interior) Designing A Corporate Identity"

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