Gift Ideas

Wedding Gifts:
Consider a gift of design for someone beginning with a new chapter in life! a bride's parents gave a home consultation, and family room furnishings as a wedding gift. It was the perfect gesture, stayed within the budget, and gave the home a new start like the couple's new beginning. What a perfect gift for those starting out.

Merging lives and life's furnishings can be challenging and sensitive. The man often has items he wants to keep, and the woman has sentimental items that are a different style. It's touchy when it comes to blending these, and Gray & Associates has done it with sensitivity. Consider "neutralizing" the challenge with a consultation.

Separating Ways?
Divorced clients also have benefited from a consultation with us. Where kids split residency between two homes, there is a need for each house to be a home, and this is a challenge when many dynamics interfere. Let Gray & Associates offer ideas for families needing flexibility, durability, beauty and wise investing. It takes one stress away and adds harmony and happiness.

Real Estate:
Staging homes for re-sale can make the difference between a not-so-memorable and great home setting. See Publicity for excerpts on how Gray & Associates made a difference in the Washington, DC market in the Washington Post article on this service.

When considering a home purchase:
Often, people buy homes that are less that ideal for their existing furnishings and lifestyle. No room for a tv in a formal living room? Is the sunroom, library or family room to small to be a family room? Do you really have the type of rooms that suit your lifestyle in the particular home?

Consider letting Gray & Associates Interior Design look at a home critically, considering your existing furnishings and/or those you would like to purchase. It's worth analyzing the home's space if you plan to be there for a while.

There must be more ways Gray & Associates can help you and your colleagues. Please contact us with your particular inquiry.



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