If you would like to discuss your particular situation and design needs, consider a consultation with Gray & Associates Interior Design.  In this, you and Greta will meet and see if your working styles, visions, and personalities are as compatible as they should be for a designer/client relationship.

In this session, which takes about an hour or a bit more, Greta will come to your home and discuss your priorities, timeline, and budget.  She will also see the items you have, and determine which of them can be used in a design revision.

Before this  session, it's best to discuss the consultation with any decisionmakers in the home and make sure they can participate (to the extent they wish).  Make a wish-list of those items you would like to see, and include their wish list, too.  Describe how you would like an area to function, feel, and look.  It's helpful to bring magazine pictures of rooms you like to the session.

Greta will respond with creative solutions, approximate investment levels, and timelines in the session.  You can be involved in the design revision solutions if you would like, or she can do all the work.  It's up to you.

A consultation is  a great way to get to know  Greta, imagine your home's possibilities and experience Greta's flexibility!

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